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Yoga is about the will, working with intelligence and self-reflexive consciousness, can free us from the inevitability of the wavering mind

and outwardly directed senses.”
― B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life


This training will illuminate each student-teacher through the practices of asana, meditation, pranayama, and self inquiry to find their own unique voice and passion as a teacher. 


Together,  We will discover how to 


  • deepen and create a comfortable home practice to inform our teaching 


  • skillfully sequence to make poses accessible to different bodies


  • build knowledge of  functional anatomy and how it informs an asana practice


  • learn to teach more advanced poses and the foundational movements that comprise  them


  • assist and use props to make asanas comfortable for different bodies


  • become more comfortable with yogic philosophy and learn to use it to theme powerful classes


  • strengthen facilitation and business skills to thrive in the health & wellness industry





  • Certified 1200 Hour Baptiste Influencer

  • Certified 300 Hour OM Yoga RYT

  • 200 Hour Teacher Training with Yoga People

  • 50 Hour Prison Yoga Project Training

  • 50 Hour Laughing Lotus Creative Sequencing



My love for movement has been with me since I was two years old when I discovered dance; I found freedom and connection in its truest form. I have been teaching modern dance for over twenty years to all ages & abilities, and have been teaching yoga & mindfulness for twelve years. I bow my head to my teachers, Cyndi Lee, Baron Baptiste, Paige Elenson, Dana Trixie-Flynn and many more for passing down the sacred teachings of yoga to me. 


I have been creating & leading yoga teacher trainings since 2017, and work extensively with the NYC Board of Education, training educators in yoga & mindfulness. I founded, Living Through Movement, in 2014, a not for profit organization that leads free movements classes to all abilities, particularly persons with Parkinson’s Disease & Alzheimer’s Disease . My intention when I teach any movement or meditation class is to create a space where students feel safe, cared for, and inspired to be playful with their bodies and minds to access joy and possibility within themselves.


Yoga has been a refuge for me to get curious, make friends with parts of myself that for many years, I held much aversion too. I’ve learned how to practice acceptance, listen more, speak less and challenge myself in ways that cultivate a healthy, loving relationship with myself. Yoga & Dance has created an ability for me to connect to a higher power that lives within me; with in each of us. Through these practices the veil of illusion is lifted, and I remember the truth of my being; love, whole, pure and free. 


I live in Staten Island, NY, with my husband Michael, son Aidan, daughter Lila and our four cats; Stella, Poncho, Link & Bella.

May we wake up kindly, open our hearts softly, trust the path and breathe evenly with 

each step. 




  • Anatomy & Physiology, RYT, E-RYT

  •  Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher

  • 200 Hour Nosara Yoga Institute - Don and Amba Stapleton 


  • Thai Yoga Bodywork with Jonas Westring, Mac Chumpoohong, Pichest Boonthumme 


  • Anusara Teacher Training - Jonas Westring, John Friend


  • 300 Hour Core Strength Yoga Teacher Training - Sadie Nardini


  • Lineage Project Mindfulness for at Risk Youth

I like to consider myself a perpetual student who shares her knowledge of yoga and its accompanying lifestyle with anyone who would like to learn. I have had the privilege to travel and study with some of the most knowledgeable teachers in the yoga and wellness world. 

I began practicing yoga when a studio opened down the street from my high school. I was 16 years old and intrigued to see what yoga had to offer. From the first class I took, I was in love and wondered when I would be at the front of a studio leading a class. I relocated to Boston to pursue a degree in International Relations and Conflict Resolution at Boston University and was lucky enough to find a yoga studio that I liked quite close to campus. It isn't a coincidence that the semesters that I dedicated myself fully to  my yoga practice were the semesters that were my strongest academically.


After college, I was lucky enough to spend time traveling to study with some of the greatest yoga and bodywork teachers. I spent 4 months living at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Western Massachusetts where I had the privilege of studying with Stephen Cope and Don and Amba Stapleton. I left Kripalu to travel to Costa Rica and obtained my 200 hour yoga certification at Nosara Yoga Institute early in 2007 with the Stapletons. Taking my first training only solidified my belief that the study of yoga is a lifelong pursuit. 

The next year, I decided to deepen my knowledge of the human body by studying Thai Yoga Bodywork with Jonas Westering. I fell in love with this deeply healing modality and also met my next teacher. Jonas became not only my bodywork teacher but my mentor in Anusara Yoga. I continued my studies in Anusara yoga with Jonas and John Friend, traveling to Thailand twice to train with Jonas. I also deepened my knowledge of Thai Bodywork on these trips, studying with some of the living masters of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai. During this time, I also completed a certification in nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and an additional certification in Detoxification from Natalia Rose and the Rose Institute. 

My studies of Anusara yoga profoundly influenced my teaching style and deepened my knowledge of intelligent alignment and enriched my understanding of Tantric philosophy. I received my Anusara Inspired certification in 2012. 

I continued my exploration of anatomy based asana by completing a 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training in Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini in 2013. I became one of her Master Trainers, teaching alongside her in her teacher trainings. 

Additional trainings include the Lineage Project Professional Training on trauma informed mindfulness education, and YOD Yoga - a high intensity yoga and movement practice. 

I live on Staten Island with my husband, daughter, and rescue dog who are teaching me new and amazing lessons every day.


Fridays 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturdays 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Sundays 11:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Coming Soon

There will be scheduled zoom calls throughout our time together


Presentations 11/4 & 11/5
Graduation Sunday, November 5th


Our promise is to create a supportive, open community where you will receive effective personal coaching, a detailed curriculum, and hands-on training that will leave you empowered as a teacher, leader, and human being. Your commitment,  focus, and intention will create your mastery in your teaching & leading. Through your 100% commitment, you will be ready to teach upon your completion. Whether you want to teach yoga or not – this program will be valuable to you as a practitioner and as a human being.


  • 100% attendance for all  sessions

  • Independent study

  • In-studio & Zoom  yoga practice: approx. 4 hours per week

  • A commitment to growth

  • A desire to inspire and empower yourself & others


  • Techniques (asana & assisting) – 125 hours

  • Teaching Methodology (practice teaching) – 50 hours

  • Anatomy and Physiology – 50 hours

  • Philosophy / Ethics/Lifestyle – 50 hours

  • Practicum (teaching & assisting ) – 15 hours

  • Self -Inquiry & Assignments – 10 hours



Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

By: Stephen Cope


Light on Life

By: B.K.S. Iyengar

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma

By: Bessel van der Kolk


Anatomy and Yoga:  A guide for Teachers and Students

By: Ellen Saltonstall



Each student must commit 100%. This means be on time for all sessions and committing fully to the program’s requirements. Any missed hours must be made up privately one to one with Larissa or Marietta for $100.00 per hour.


Early Pricing Special $3,950.00 

Price is  $4,250.00. Structured payment plans for $4,250.00 available upon request 


To apply for this program, please complete the online application. A deposit of $300 is required with your application to hold your spot. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your tuition. Once your application is received you will be contacted within 10 business days.
Please email with any questions relating to this program and your application.

Deposit Link

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